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Progressive Salem is Proud to Endorse These Outstanding Educators in the May 2023 School Board Election

Cynthia Richardson has served students in Salem-Keizer Schools for 25 years, including as Principal of North Salem and McKay High Schools. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Texas. Her most recent service was as Director of Student Equity, Access and Advancement. Having recently retired from that position, Cynthia is ready to lend her decades of  professional expertise to the School Board to continue to serve our students.

Visit Cynthia's website to learn more!

Kelley Strawn is as Associate Provost at Willamette University where he has been a professor and administrator for the past 15 years. He holds a Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin. He and his wife have educated two sons in Salem-Keizer schools. Kelley wants to bring his expertise in education and experience as a parent to the Board in order to support teachers and families in delivering the best possible education to our students.

Visit Kelley's website to learn more!

Larry Scruggs served as an administrator for over two decades at the University of Portland. He holds a Ph.D. from Portland State University. Now retired, Larry works as a substitute teacher in Salem-Keizer classrooms where he has experienced firsthand what our students need for a great education. He is running for the school board to ensure that all our children have equal access to a quality education to prepare them for whatever field of endeavor they choose.

Visit Larry's website to learn more!

"These may the most qualified candidates we have ever had to step up to lead our School Board over the next four years. Progressive Salem will be working to inform the community about the opportunity we have Cynthia, Kelley and Larry join our other outstanding progressive School Board members. To do that we need a donation from you today! Please use the "Donate" button to send whatever you can to help pay for our printing and mailing expenses. I thank you!"

Barbara Fuller, Chair
Progressive Salem
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