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1260 21st St.

Salem, OR 97301

Our Vision

Who We Are

We are citizens of Salem, united in our commitment to see Salem prosper in ways that benefit all who live and work here.
We value honesty, transparency, inclusiveness and integrity in government.
We value fairness and opportunity for all.
We envision a Salem where progress preserves choices for future generations.

Who We Support in the May 19th Election


All three are highly-qualified Progressive candidates. Please go to their websites by clicking on their names above to learn all about them and to volunteer and contribute to their campaigns.

What Are Working For


  • Local government that represents the public interest.

  • Enhancement of economic opportunities and environmental health.

  • Respect and fair treatment for all people.

  • A community that works together to promote public health and alleviate poverty.

  • Local government that both understands and engages with wider justice, sustainability, and other political issues.

  • A transportation network that is safe and accessible to everyone.

  • Options to power our homes and businesses with clean and sustainable energy.

  • Education that prepares all youth for meaningful lives as participating citizens and that values our cultural diversity.

  • We pledge to work in the electoral arena toward a Salem united by this vision for our future.

Our Motto: Organized People Beat Organized Money!

Our Mission

The mission of Progressive Salem is to elect Progressive candidates to local offices in Salem, Oregon. We achieve our mission by carefully vetting and endorsing the best candidates and by supporting them with our volunteer time and generous donations.