We Did It Again!

With Only One Exception, Organized People Beat Organized  Money in the May 2022 City Council Elections 


Chris Hoy Wins the Mayor's Race

Our candidate Chris Hoy soundly beat his opponent by 10 percentage points despite being outspent four to one! His opponent set a record for contributions in a Salem Mayor's race by raising over $132,000 for her campaign. Did it work? Not even close. Organized people beat organized money. A grassroots, people-to-people campaign beat expensive media and campaign consultants. Next year Salem will have our first progressive Mayor in two decades. Congratulations Mayor-Elect Hoy!

Linda Nishioka Wins in Ward 2

Progressive Salem helped to recruit a terrific progressive candidate to take the seat of our first progressive victor way back in 2014. After serving two terms on the City Council, Tom Andersen is hoping to move up to the Legislature this year. Linda Nishioka has been active in civic affairs, serving on the Downtown Advisory Board and other City committees. She was fortunate to be able to run unopposed in the May election and will take Councilor Andersen's seat on the Council next January. Congratulations Councilor-Elect Nishioka!

Dynee Medlock Wins the Vote But Faces a Runoff in Ward 4

Progressive Salem helped to recruit Dynee Medlock to run against a wealthy Realtor who moved to Ward 4 only a year ago to run. Before then she didn't even live in Salem. Dynee's opponent raised over $50,000 and outspent her five to one. But Dynee's all-volunteer, people-to-people campaign managed to eke out a six vote win after some "ballot chasing" by Progressive Salem and others. Unfortunately this was not enough to meet the 50% + 1 requirement to win the election and we will be gearing up to do it all over again in November. We have already shown we can overcome her big-spending opponent and we will do it again in November.

Stacey Vieyra-Braendle Unsuccessful in Ward 6

Our one loss in the May 2022 primary was to a candidate who happened to share the same last name as our popular Mayoral candidate (no relation) and was willing to spend $45 dollars per vote to get the win in Ward 6. We helped to recruit an impressive young progressive in Stacey Vieyra-Braendle who serves on the City Budget Committee and is an activist in the community. We hope Stacey will stay active and engaged and we look forward to assisting her in a future campaign.

Micki Varney Wins in Ward 8

Progressive Salem supported and worked for Micki Varney when she ran against a long-time incumbent Councilor in 2018. She came up short in a close election, but she maintained her civic involvement and ran again this year for an open seat. Like the other candidates we faced this year, Micki's opponent raised over $50,000 from special interests and outspent Micki three to one. But once again organized people beat organized money and Micki's low-budget grassroots campaign scored a decisive victory. Congratulations to Councilor-Elect Varney.

In 2023 Salem Will Have One of the Most Progressive City Councils in Our History 

When Progressive Salem began in 2014 it was our aspiration to take back our City government from the special interests that had taken over beginning in 2002. We worked at that beginning with Councilor Tom Andersen's victory in 2014 and continuing in 2016 with the election of Sally Cook, Cara Kaser and Matt Ausec. We helped to elect Chris Hoy to the Council in 2017. In 2018 we reelected Tom and Chris and in 2020 we helped to elect Virginia Stapleton, Vanessa Nordyke and Trevor Phillips. We stayed out of the Mayor's race until the time was right and we had an outstanding candidate. 2022 was our year. And for the first time since the late Mike Swaim occupied the Mayor's seat, Salem will have a progressive mayor. When Dynee Medlock wins her seat in Ward 4 this fall we will have a solid progressive majority — a mayor and six councilors. We will look forward to great things in the years ahead from our progressive Council, and we invite you to join our winning team as we continue to work for a Progressive Salem.